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Nobody's Harlequin

KNN 166

2001 Few Spot (Homozygous) Stallion


Performance Tested

Height: 164cm (16.1hh)

Bone: 22cm

Pictured at the first KNN grading in 2005 (as a 4 yr old) where he was awarded a  Premium Grade

Free jumping at home - 2007

Nobody's Harlequin is a rare purebred Danish Knabstrupper stallion with 87.5% Knabstrupper blood in the third generation.

Harley was graded by the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) - the EU mother studbook for Knabstruppers at the first UK Grading in October 2005 gaining a Premium and an overall mark of 8.  He was then presented to the judges for his final Grading and Performance Assessment in 2006 which he passed  in fine style with overall marks, once again, of 8 from both the Classic  and Sport Horse judges giving him a Premium Grade in both types which is a very rare achievement.  In his Performance test he gained 840 points out of a possible 1000 which was the highest score for ANY Knabstrupper stallion Worldwide in 2006.  He was also judged Best Senior Stallion, Best Stallion and Best in Show 2006. 

He has wonderful elastic and elevated paces, correct conformation, deep girth  and 9” of good bone.  With his athletisism and powerful jump he is an ideal type to cross with Warmblood, Thoroughbred or cross bred mares to produce performance prospects and, because he is a homozygous few spot, he is guaranteed to throw offspring that are spotted in some way or another or carry the 'spotting gene'.  Harley has the typical self confident and willing Knabstrupper temperament which is also very obvious in his offspring who are bold and easily trainable.

At the 2006 KNN grading - Premium again and Best in Show

His bloodlines include, as his Grandsire, the famous and very influential, now sadly deceased Xanthos, arguably THE best known stallion in Denmark who competed very successfully in Dressage.  Xanthos has offspring that compete at international level in dressage including Zanko the multi gold medal winning Paralympic stallion.  Harley's sire, Norkrons Harlequin, is one of very few Knabstrupper Stallions to have passed the 30 day performance test.  

2004 saw Harleys first foal, a filly, Tresaison Gracie, out of our Graded TB mare Rozel Bay.  Gracie was put forward for Grading with the KNN in 2007 where she was awarded a PREMIUM grade as well as Best Mare and Best in Show.

He has other Premium graded offspring and a 2007 son has been exported to Australia and will be the first KNN Registered Knabstrupper Stallion to stand at stud there.


Harley now has several crops of foals on the ground, all showing the spotted colour gene of course.  All, without exception, are of excellent quality.   They all have his easy temperament and confidence and are hugely trainable.  His offspring are now starting to prove themselves in competition with his 4 yr old son gaining marks of over 80% in 2 classes in one of his very first dressage outings.  This same son also has an exceptional jump and his owner is very excited about his future.

We look forward to more outstanding offspring from this stallion in 2011, some of which will be pure bred Knabstruppers.  Check out our 2011 foals due  page for details.



Stud Fees for 2013: 

Frozen Semen only - £125 per dose 

(plus process / carriage charges)

Full terms and conditions on request.


Just backed - 2005

Nobody's Harlequin Pedigree:

DE 304-040285192

KNN 112 DK Knab. 

KNN 092 DK Knab. 1979

KNN 1468 DK Knab. 1968
COLUMBINE af Aagaard
KNN 1630 DK Knab. 

DH 216 DK DV

HEIDI af Højmark
KNN 1409 DK Knab. 1976

KNN 117 DK Knab. 1989

KNN 085 DK Knab. 1973

DARLING Kastaniegård
KNN 1441 DK Knab. 1979
Rughavens SPOT
KNN 1717 DK Knab. 1987

RASMUS af Damgård
KNN 067 DK Knab. 1972

KNN 1458 DK Knab. 1980

Nobodys Harlequin Progeny

Tresaison Gracie as a foal - 2004


Tresaison Gracie winning Best in Show 2007

Tresaison Domino Effect 2006


Tresaison Numero Uno - Fewspot Colt born 2007 - Exported to Australia

Tresaison Calzaghe May 2007


Tresaison Houdini and Domino - 2006 colts

April 2007 - Tresaison Hologram Fewspot colt out of Yellow Gram  

Tresaison Hot Spice - 2008 filly


Tresaison Hawks Bay - 2006

Pictures: Far left as a foal and centre/right as a yearling in summer 2007

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