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2012 Foals Due

These are the mares scanned in foal or planned for 2012 - if you are interested in the offspring of a particular breeding, please contact us 

For individual horse details please go to the Mare or Stallion Pages.  


Centaur Reindance 

Dance With Wolves

 Bay snowcap filly born 11th March


Rozel Bay TB (Graded WBS)

Nobody's Harlequin

Bay colt with spotted blanket born 10th April



Unfortunately Yellow aborted her foal, a few spot colt, 3 months early.  

She has been checked and is well and will be put to Harley again for a 2013 foal later this year.

Yellow Gram KNN 1983 Nobody's Harlequin




Lambada Lynghoj KNN 2132 Nobody's Harlequin

 Born 26th April - Bay filly with blanket 


We very sadly lost Magic 24th February 2012.

Very much missed.

Severn Magic TB (Graded WBS)

Nobody's Harlequin



Engel V. Birkenhof

Foxcourt Andante

 Born 12th May - Black filly with white over hips.



Centaur Elektra Dance With Wolves

 Born 18th May - Bay filly with spotted blanket (again!)

Photo: Tresaison Firefly today - growing into a fine girl!