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2011 Foals Due

These are the mares scanned in foal for 2011 - if you are interested in the offspring of a particular breeding, please contact us 

For individual horse details please go to the Mare or Stallion Pages.  



Yellow Gram KNN 1983 Nobody's Harlequin

Snowcap colt born 3rd April



Tilde af Elmegaarden  KNN 1951 Dance With Wolves

Bay near leopard colt born 10th April


Severn Magic TB (Graded WBS)

Nobody's Harlequin

Bay filly with blanket born 5th May


Engel V. Birkenhof KNN2381


Chestnut blanket colt born 24-4-11


Kiwi Harapa TB (Graded WBS)

Nobody's Harlequin

Chestnut blanket colt born 15th May


Lupina von Kreidefels KNN2379

Dance With Wolves

Black nr leopard filly born 21st May