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Tresaison News Page

If you have any Appaloosa or Knabstrupper News you would like included in these pages, please contact us.

2015 News

3rd May - Our last mare for a few weeks foals a huge and striking very dark bay filly with a white blanket over her quarters.  This is Didi's second foal and she once again is a fabulous mother. A very strong filly, up and suckling with no problems and running rings around her mother from the off!   Another by Marster, we are so pleased once again this year with the foals he has sired.  This should be a real 'Sport' type filly as Didi is by Dance With Wolves and stands at 17.1hh with a lot of TB on her dam line and of course Marster has great bloodlines too.

We have a break from foaling now until (supposedly) mid June but the two that are due in June, Lupina and Reindance, are renowned for foaling early, sometimes as much as 3 weeks, so it may not be the break we thought!

27th April - Angel foals without any warning.  We should have expected it I guess as she's usually very secretive although last year had taken time to read the book a little better!  She does like her daylight foalings and this was another, 9am in the sunshine.  A simply stunning few spot colt with all four black 'triangles' on his feet and black mane and tail.  I think we've counted  a total of 4 spots that we can see!  He is a super stallion prospect with his breeding, colouring and what looks to be super conformation/  We'll have a think about retaining him maybe.

Here he is at 3 days old and already giving poor Angel the runaround - she'll be glad of the rest when we get them in for the night!

22nd April - We just love this picture taken this morning of Lizzie and her filly just having a bathe in the morning sun - they look so contented.
16th April - At last!!! A normal foaling - Yellow throws a gorgeous big near leopard colt at a very reasonable daybreak.  Quick to get up and suckle (especially as he's a boy!!) he knows exactly what to do and, as usual, Yellow is the perfect Mum.

Picture new born on Foals 2015 page.

Here he is at 5 days old.  He has a really thick and curly coat over his quarters - obviously he was expecting colder weather than we've had of late!

He's a really friendly chap and a good looking one too.  He'll be eligible KNN mainbook as he's got two fully KNN graded parents so a good stallion prospect as well as performance.

Yellow already has several stallion sons.

9th April - Very sad to report that today the little colt twin lost his struggle for life. He had started to go downhill and looking uncomfortable and was diagnosed with a ruptured bladder, probably sustained at birth. He did so well to manage 5 days.  We needed to get him medically well enough before we could even contemplate surgery and, very sadly, he did not respond quickly enough.  RIP little man.  
6th April - A gorgeous day so first time out for the twins.........
3rd April - Lizzie finally foals, just before midnight.   We had wanted to make sure we were there for her as she was so big that we thought she may well need assistance, especially as it is her first foal.   We watched her on CCTV go down and then made way out to the stable to check she was managing OK. By the time we had walked the 30 metres or so she had already mostly had a fairly small chestnut filly. Taking one look at her made us realise that the foal was too small to be alone........  sure enough a new bag appeared right behind, full with fluid and worryingly still.  However, with a push, Liz followed up the first foal with a second who needed assistance to get free of the bag and fluid.   Happy to say, although tiny, he came to with a little stimulation and, although we bottled him for the first few feeds, was able to get himself up by later in the morning and manage to feed as well as his big sister.  To have two sets of twins is bonkers, especially as they are both by a 25 year old stallion - Dancer certainly wanted us to remember him, that's for sure! 

We are just so grateful that Lizzie is such a super big mare and was able to hold on to them until due date - at least we have a lasting memory of our old lad now!

Sorry but be prepared for twin overload!!!

31st March - We had been thinking that Lupina was looking rather too well for an empty mare so got her checked while the Vet was here and really happy to report that she is, after all, in foal to Legrande again for this year! She will be due mid June and this should be another gorgeous stunner like LeBon last year.  In case anyone has forgotten, here is a picture of the fabulous LeGrande.
30th March - Sadly Elektra aborted twin foals this morning.  Double whammy for us as this was Dancers last registered Appaloosa foal and one of them was the snowcap colt we had been hoping for.  She was scanned early on and only one foal was seen so a complete surprise - she's never twinned before.   Once she has fully recovered, Elektra will be offered for sale empty as ready to breed or re-back for a ridden career.  
March - WOW!  Hasn't this boy grown and certainly flourished in the South African climate! Here is Tresaison Harlem, rising 2 yrs old at the Young Dressage Horse Show in Cape Town, SA.  He certainly has a look of his father about him.

24th March - Lizzie was showing a good amount of wax this morning and her muscle on her quarters has really slackened off over the last couple of week so we feel she will not last the 340 days until April 6th. Really looking forward to this baby, our first of 2015, as both she and obviously Dancer have a special place in our hearts.   26 March - Andrea sent us this photo of Raindance in her new home in Switzerland.  The weather looks lovely there - bright and sunny, unlike here in Wales just now!!
March - Deposits have been taken on Floss (Snow Angel) and Hattie (Manhattan) who will both go in a couple of weeks.  These lovely girls are going together - I look forward to seeing their progress, they have come on so much over the winter and are such little characters.

That means that we currently have no stock for sale - Elektra will be offered once she has foaled and we will have the majority of this years foals for sale as well as possibly one or two of the remaining mares.


March - Both Yellow and Hannah have now been sold and will be off to their new home in the summer.  Both girls will foal down here and we will retain Yellow's foal which will very likely be for sale.  Hannah's will go off with it's dam to their new home in Scotland.  They will join two other Knabstrupper mares and be part of a new breeding operation.  
March - Some fabulous photos of Hawksbay and Tessa enjoying their time out with the Bloodhounds.  

February  -  The mares are looking extremely 'well'! The size of some of them would indicate a due date earlier than expected - I guess the haylage is good this year!

January 2015 - always a quiet month for us, we are pretty much on shutdown.  All the mares are in their barn, happy, fat and well fed! The youngsters we have left are also barn kept - we try not to have too many living out during the winter as our ground isn't very well suited. This year, since Dancer has gone (he much preferred to be out 24/7 with a mare or two) we have managed to get everything inside in their barns with turn out as and when suitable.  

8th January - Raindancer is collected by the Transporter early morning to start her road trip to Switzerland and her new life with Andrea.  She has been a complete star these past few weeks taking everything in her training in her stride.


2014 News

December - Dare to Dance (Milo) starts his ridden process.  He had been long reined and well lunged in his previous home so, following a little reminder course, it was full steam ahead!  He was a superstar and behaved beautifully. :-)
10th October - Our lovely boy Harley (Nobody's Harlequin KNN 166) leaves us to start a new life with good friend Heather Reaney (HKF Appaloosa Stud) up in Derbyshire. Hetty will be aiming Harley at Dressage and hoping to get out and about with him over the next few months.  He will also get the opportunity to show off his ability over show jumps from time to time with Hettys niece Rosie Bell.  We couldn't wish for a better home for him and know he will love being in full time work and relish in the attention.

NEWS FLASH!! - All dressage competitions he has contested so far he has won or been highly placed with great marks and Judges comments!


It is with huge sadness that we have to announce the loss of our fabulous grand old lad DANCE WITH WOLVES on 9th October.  At 26 years old some would say he had a good long life for a big horse but that doesn't make it any easier.

He was with me for 22 years and has left a massive hole in my heart and life.  We can be grateful for the many offspring he sired - well over 100 foals whilst with me - and the legacy he left us with them.   

He was certainly my 'horse of a lifetime' and, even though he spent the last 10 years happily retired from ridden work, he was still very much part of everything.  He lies at rest in the fields where he ran with his mares and foals, he was as kind with them as he was with people. 

We'll miss you loads old fella.......

September - KNN Grading.   Both Temptress and Harare attended and rewarded connections brilliantly.  Temptress gained a lifetime premium grading with a score of 8 and was Best Mare and Harare went even better by also being awarded a Premium as well as Best Youngstock and then Best in Show!
We have had various photographs sent to us over the last few months and have been a bit lapse in getting them up on the website so the Gallery has now been updated and we will continue to do so - please do send in pictures and news of any Tresaison horses, we love to hear about them.
20th June - Hannah is now reserved and will be off up to her new home at weaning. Her stunning Knabstruper filly is for sale, she is eligible for KNN grading and as she is highly likely to carry the leopard patn gene is a valuable asset to any stud with a spotted or few spot stallion.  

24-11-14 - See update above - her sale has fallen through so she is re-available.

19th June - A busy day today, Hannah is another to foal early and she has another chestnut, Marster is fond of his chestnuts this year!  This time a very tall, leggy filly who has that wow factor from the off. She is elegant, refined, athletic and just gorgeous!   


Then,  a Vet visit and two more mares scanned in foal, both to Marster.  Angel and Didi are both due 1st May 2015.

14th June - Libby (Eye Catcher) foals a gorgeous striking chestnut colt in the early hours. Thankfully this year there are no complications and he is a bouncy, healthy baby.   
24th - 26th May - Foals seemed to be appearing from every angle over the bank Holiday weekend! We had 3 in 3 days and 2 of those in the daytime, very civilised!!  See our Foals Due page for pictures.....
19th May - First mare of the year is scanned in foal.  Lizzie (Liscannor Diamond) our super ID/TB mare (King of Diamonds/ Clover Hill lines) has now retired from the hunting field where she was a super star to become a mum!  She is scanned in foal to Dancer (Dance With Wolves) who has obviously still got what it takes at 26 years of age!

We are so looking forward to this foal next year as Lizzie has such scope and, together with Dancers paces, it should have awesome potential! 

We put off covering our mares until later again this year as the winter has just dragged on and we would prefer the new additions to have some grass rather than mud to play in!!  

Lizzie is due 1st week April 2015.

17th May -Tresaison Ricochet - 2009 stallion bred by us starting out in his show jumping career, ably produced and ridden by Andrew Williams for his owners Kim and Dave Weldon. Rico also passed his KNN lifetime grading in 2013 with a Premium Grade and won Best Stallion and Best in Show. It is fantastic to see our babies out there and doing well!  

Kim says "

8th May - Very sadly we had to make the decision to have Yellow's colt PTS.  His legs did not improve despite treatment and box rest and he was finding it difficult to stand for any length of time.  he was such a sweet boy, RIP little fella. x


3rd May - Our lovely Harare has been sold and goes off to her new home with Ben Carr and Vicky Thompson-Carr. We know she is in fabulous hands and will be produced to fulfil her potential in this home. We couldn't be happier for our favourite girl. Very sad to see her go but looking forward to regular updates on her progress.

Here is a recent picture of her (April this year) she is still a super filly.

18th April - Our 2nd foal of the year arrived this morning. Yellow secretly foals despite showing on her milk test the day before that her PH levels were still way too high and no other signs either!
Its a gorgeous bay near leopard colt with two whites behind and a star.  He has contracted tendons in front so will need to stay in for a bit.


10th April - Angel foals at a very civilised lunchtime out in the field allowing us to watch easily at a distance.  It's always lovely when the mares foal like this, less stressful all round as well!

Her foal is a bay based snowcap/fewspot filly who is very 'with it' quickly up and feeding. It helps tremendously to have a fabulous mother like Angel of course!

15th February - Harlem arrives at his new home - finally!!  


February 2014 - We have been sent these lovely photos of Tresaison Houdini who was Lambada Lynghoj's first foal with us by Nobody's Harlequin.  AKA Didi is owned by Steph Gaunt who bought him from us as a weanling. She says he is very talented and has just moved up to Medium Level BD and won his first two outings at that level. Watch out for him!   Didi is full brother to our Harare, currently for sale.


So pleased that TRESAISON HARLEM (Nobodys Harlequin x Yellow Gram) KNN registered few spot colt has arrived in SOUTH AFRICA. He will stand in quarantine for 4 weeks in Cape Town and then his new owners will finally have their 'white horse' home!

Congratulations Anle Hartley and family - this is the start of a new adventure for you.

Harlem will be the first few spot (Homozygous) KNN stallion to stand in South Africa and will be a huge asset to the breeding program there. 

He's a chip off the old block, so like his Dad - Good luck with him! 


Photo: Tresaison Harlem in quarantine is South Africa. Had a clip ready for the hot weather (he had his full UK winter woollies when he left here!) look at those lovely blue skies! #jealous!!!!

Tresaison Harlem in the quarantine centre in Cape Town. Apparently he is spoilt as he is the only baby there and the easiest to look after and handle.





2013 News

3rd August - 'Bean' AKA Llanthony Eirwhon took part in his first BE Event at Chilham Castle and finished a very creditable ** with a 34 dressage and a double clear with just a few time penalties XC. Well done to Kelly and Bean.   At the same event his 1/2 brother Tresaison Hawksbay was also competing and also finished with a 34 dressage and double clear to come 2nd in his section.  Well done to Tessa too!  Tessa and Kelly 'spotted' each other and introduced themselves and the brothers!

1st August - All our covering completed for 2013 and all except one mare scanned now and happy to report all in foal at first attempts!  A couple more difficult to actually get to the point of covering but that's another story!!

22nd July - Trish took Hawaii to the Futurity at Hartpury where she behaved beautifully and received good comments from the Judges and an 8.5 from the Vet.

13th July - We decided to try and video some of the foals...... not brilliant but gives and idea of Lexi's (Let's Dance) fabulous paces!  Click the link here:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjcPFyTmsg4  She is maturing into a really lovely filly, so tall and athletic and very correct, real presence!




2nd July - Sahiba is scanned in foal to Marster and visiting mare Dice is also scanned in foal to Marster as well.

30th June - Some photographs of some of the babies...... 

18th June - Another filly for us and another homozygous one. Didi foals a really smart bay snowcap filly by Harley in the early hours. Very straight and correct, this girl is to her feet before Didi and ready for the off!!  She is super, another tall girl and very athletic looking too.  We are thinking we like this Dance With Wolves / Nobody's Harlequin cross!!


15th June - Hannah foals in the early hours, just missing her 340 day date (by 2 hours!).  Such a big filly, we were on hand to help her out a little and what a big girl she is!  As usual with Dancers foals, all legs and pretty head!  A solid dark, seal brown (the 25% chance of solid colour) she is real quality and we are exceptionally pleased with her, the first cross of a Harley daughter to Dancer and Hannahs first foal too. See Foals due 2013 for pictures.

12th June - Lambada has left us after almost 9 happy years to a fabulous home where she will have one more Harley foal in 2104 and combine this with a ridden life as well.  She almost didn't go though as, once loaded, the horsebox decided not to start and had to receive the services of the RAC man! It would have been a long hack back to her new home in Yorkshire!

11th June - Libby foaled on Saturday night close to midnight but sadly her colt foal was very weak and despite bottle feeding him and helping him to suckle he didn't improve and we lost him.  Very upsetting to lose a foal but hopefully some good will come of it as we have been able to offer Libby as a foster mare and she now has an ID foal with her that we hope she will accept as her own. 

Update: In less than 24 hours Libby has accepted Otto and treats him as if he was her own - great news, she's a star!!


June - (left)This is Tessa Halsall and Tresaison Hawksbay at Little Downham BE event doing his cross country round in style! 

And Tessa again (right) on Tresaison Hallmark at Suffolk County having had a very successful day with 3 wins and a Championship!!


6th June - 3 more scans and 3 positive.  Lambada to Harley and Rioja and Yellow Gram both to Marster.  

Rioja is our young homebred Thoroughbred mare out of our lovely Severn Magic, successful NH and Pt to Pt winner and by the Group 1 winner Grape Tree Road (Caerleon) and this will be her first foal.  She is offered for sale in foal to the right home and will make a super ridden prospect later on. She is well put together and totally unspoilt.

4th June - We take Lupi off to Hopelands Stud to pay a visit to the lovely Legrande.  This is the only outside stallion we'll use this year and we very much look forward to this foal next year!

31st May - Angel is scanned in foal to Marster. This will be our first Marster foal in 2014 and we very much look forward to it arriving.

21st May - Elektra foals in the early hours and gives us a beautiful very dark brown filly with a spotted blanket. She is tall jsut like last years and we are very pleased with her.  She is for sale.

We have decided to sell our lovely Premium Graded mare LAMBADA LYNGHOJ. She is half sister to our stallion, Marster, so unfortunately not suitable for our current breeding program.  Lambada is a beautiful mare, standing around 17hh and has fabulous paces and a lovely temperament.  She is broken to ride and is an active, forward going ride. She has done some schooling, hacking, fun rides, and general all round work in the past in between foals and would easily come back into work.  She has produced some lovely foals, all, without exception, have stunning elevated paces, good conformation and confident temperaments. More details and pedigree on our Horses For Sale page.

Lambada is now sold and will be off to her new home very soon. She is scanned in foal to Harley for a 2014 foal.















17th May - Very sadly we have had to have our lovely old mare Tilde Af Elmegarden put to sleep.  She was a sweet mare and has produced some lovely offspring who are in various parts of the World including UK, Denmark and USA.  R.I.P. Tilde. Some of her progeny are here.....  


16th May - Not to be outdone, Lady finally foals as well and gives us a very pretty filly by Dancer.  As usual with this Centaur/Dance With Wolves cross she has long legs, even for a first foal, and Lady was not overly large.  Lady looks a bit stunned by this little 'gift' but takes to her immediately except for the normal ticklish squeaks! Both of them very soon work out what should be done and we are able to leave them to bond after a short while and get back to bed!    


12th May - Lupi wins the 'race' and produces the most beautiful colt by LANDTANZER - he is simply stunning and we have great hopes for him and look forward to his progress as he 'unfolds' and shows us what he is made of!


9th May - We are currently full almost to the limits with 'Ladies-in-Waiting'!  Lady is currently at 343 days and not really bagged up but hugely dropped over her quarters, Lupi is at 336 days but the last 2 years she has foaled before now and Elektra is at 332 days but quite well bagged up and again usually foals early!  Taking bets, anyone on who goes first?!!

5th May - Is Spring finally here? Don't want to speak too soon, but at last it is feeling warm and the sun is out!

12th April - Yellow foals very conveniently at lunchtime another few spot but this time a colt.  He is a lovely fellow, a big strapping boy and is very similar to his full brother Hologram, now 6 years old. 


13th March - Centaur Reindance (Dot) foals early again and gives us a fabulous bay based few spot filly on one of the coldest nights!  To remind us of this and as a namesake to both her parents we have called her Tresaison Ice Dancer.  Both Ice and Dot doing well although Ice has had to bear wearing Flint's (the dog) coat to keep her warm!!

12th March - Very sadly we lost our lovely TB mare Rozel Bay, Rosie. Just 3 weeks off foaling due to complications.  She has been a fantastic broodmare and dam to many lovely offspring including Hawks Bay, Gracie, Rozel, Tango and many others by our different stallions. 

10th February - We are offering a limited amount of frozen semen from NOBODY'S HARLEQUIN (the last available in the UK) at a reduced price of £125 per dose plus shipping costs.

18th January - We have a small share of the snow here in Abergavenny and we took an opportunity to take some photographs of Marster playing in the snow........

......... and a Video which can be seen here:-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FrYYpGqWLY&feature=youtu.be

January 2013 - What a wet and dismal start to the year!  We, as everyone else, are surrounded by mud and sodden land. At least we have fared better than some and have not been flooded too badly.



2012 News 

6th December - Harley leaves to go into quarantine before flying off to pastures new.  We have, after much consideration and heart searching, sold our wonderful boy, Nobody's Harlequin, to the Hartley family, Cape Town, South Africa.  He will be ridden and competed as well as standing at stud and will be only the 2nd graded Knabstrupper stallion to stand there and certainly the only few spot.  We are certain that he will have a lovely life there and will certainly make his mark in Knabstrupper breeding history!  Thank you so much to Anle and family for giving him this wonderful opportunity!  There will always be his legacy here in the UK with the many offspring he sired and we are always interested in hearing any news about them! 

We do have a limited amount of frozen semen available for sale - enquire for details.

November - Both Satinka and Firefly go off to their new homes.  They both travelled well and settled in quickly to their new lives.  We wish their new owners all the best with them.


We would like to introduce our new stallion, KNN Premium Life Graded Marster Lynghoj KNN 191.  See his full details on our Stallion Pages.  He will stand at public stud in 2013 and is an exciting new stallion with alternative bloodlines for the UK.


October - Lisa sent us this lovely picture of Disney (Tresaison Wolf Blass) Dance With Wolves x Sheer Bliss (Centaur First Class) who has gone to be started.  He's now 3 yrs old, where does time go?  October - Tresaison Honolulu - another 3 yr old who's just been started and going very well.  Lulu is by Harley out of Lambada and is full sister to Harare who we have for sale.


9th September - Tresaison Simply Red (2010 gelding) wowed the Danish Judges and spectators with his fabulous loose athletic paces and his maturity as a 2 year old.  By the super Landtanzer and out of our wonderful Premium KNN mare Engel V. Birkenhof, Red did his connections proud!  Unsurprisingly, he was awarded a Premium and won Best Youngstock.


September - We have started Autumn Hunting again, albeit a bit later than usual due to the terrible British Summer this year! 

A typical scene here showing Blossom and a new horse Cape Doctor a 6 yr old 17hh gelding by Catherston Goldstorm who will be for sale later on in the season.


Tresaison Diore, now a 4 year old, being backed.

She's looking fabulous, congratulations Diane!

Diore is full sister to our Didi and Sahiba.  Out of Champion mare Bibi Sahiba and by Dance With Wolves.

Photo: Sam and Me! He's so cool :-)Sam, a 3 yr old by Nobody's Harlequin out of Flo a Han x TB mare.

Bred and owned by Lee and Louisa Morgan.

Now backed and going really well, Lou says that absolutely nothing fazes him, he takes everything in his stride.


8th September

Llanthony Erehwon (by Nobody's Harlequin) won INTERNATIONAL SUPREME and another of Tom Passmore's homebreds won RESERVE CHAMPION trekking pony 2012 - What a result for Llanthony Court breeding enterprise.!! :)


Tresaison Hey Mambo made her showing debut at Usk Show and behaved beautifully all day. In fact, she was so laid back she needed to be woken up to pay attention in her class!!


September - some updated pictures of our lovely filly Angel Dust by Foxcourt Andante - Dusty is for sale. Very reasonable to the right home. More details on For Sale page.   Video here:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq3jKr9hFEY


14th September - Jessica sent us some updated photos of her lovely Knabstrupper x Friesian filly by Harley.


10th September - Suzannah Fry contacted us to tell us what her and Oscar had been up to!  They went to the SWPA Championship show and won a collection of classes!

1st Hunter and Best Youngster and then Reserve Champion

1st Spotted Class and Best Youngster

2nd Best Competition Horse and Best Youngster

1st Owner bred and again Reserve Champion

Well done you two - a great future ahead. 

Oscar is only 3 yrs old and is by Harley out of Suzannahs lovely Meadowbrook TB mare.


17th August - The lovely Harare is back on the market due to her prospective purchasers personal circumstances. She is tuning into a stunning filly and has the most fabulous uphill paces. She is so confident and friendly too!  A fantastic sports prospect and fully eligible for KNN grading too.

9th August - Didi is scanned in foal to Harley. This exciting foal is due mid June 2013.

30th July - Lambada is scanned in foal to Harley at 30 days with a heartbeat.  Due in early June 2013.

12th July - Tessa Halsalls' Tresaison Hallmark gained a First Premium at Writtle College BEF Futurity having been awarded a First Premium in the Dressage section last year!  Another all rounder for Tess!  Lynne Crowden of Woodlander Stud commented that in all her years of judging the Futurity Hallmark was the best trained , presented and prepared horse she had seen in the loose jumping!  HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Tessa - fabulous work, WELL DONE!!  We look forward to some pictures very soon.  Tessa also had a good week with Hawksbay who qualified in Elementary dressage for the RC Champs at Lincoln. 

July - Elektra is confirmed in foal to Dance With Wolves for a 2013 full sibling to Firefly.

24th June - Ariannes lovely bay mare, Breeze, produced a lovely near leopard colt who made his arrival two weeks early.  He is bold and friendly and Arianne is very happy with him. 

We are too as he is, at last, a change from the bay blanket foals of this year!!

26th June - Centaur Lady, our new Appaloosa broodmare,  is scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves for another Centaur x foal - we love this cross, it never fails to produce fabulous offspring who are tall, athletic and superb performance prospects.  This foal will be main book Appaloosa and a fabulous competition prospect.

Lupina is also scanned in foal, this time to Landtanzer who is the sire of our fabulous 2011 colt, Los Lobos, who was awarded an overall 9 out of a possible 10 at his foal assessment.  This is sure to be another gorgeous foal.

23rd June - Jessica sent us these photos of her lovely filly, Ava.  Ava is out of Una, a graded Friesian mare, and is very likely to change colour to black with the lacy blanket.  She is a little stunner and Jess says she is all that she wanted and is delighted with her!

11th June - Yellow and Tilde confirmed in foal, to Harley and Dancer respectively.  Visiting KNN mare Zerina also scans in foal.

6th June - One of our previous foals, Tresaison Lone Wolf (2003), who is full brother to our Didi, becomes a pin up boy and features in the June issue of Horse Deals.  

Lone Wolf (Franky) was a tall foal and now stands a wapping 17.3hh!  It seems like no time since he was here as a foal but he is now a 9 yr old - where does time go?


26th May - A new Broodmare arrives to join our herd.  Appaloosa mare, Centaur Lady, who is a Grade B main book mare by Centaurs Jolly Jack and out of Lambrigg Galatea (First Draft) is kindly on loan from her owner Ben Grayson.  Lady was starting out on a promising eventing career before an injury meant she has to take a year off.  She is the 3rd mare that we have by Jolly Jack with the First Draft dam lines, we love this bloodline combined with Dancer.  Lady will be bred to Dancer for a 2013 foal. 

Photo: New broodmare, Centaur Lady (Centaur Jolly Jack x Lambrigg Galatea / First Draft).  Grade B Appaloosa sports type who will be bred to Dance With Wolves for a 2013 foal.   

23rd May - Rozie and Dot (Reindance) are both scanned in foal with heartbeat at 28 days, to Harley and Dancer respectively.  What a coincidence....... I just checked last years News and both Dot and Rozie were scanned in foal in 2011 on 23rd May!!!

18th May - having been threatening to foal for the last two nights Elektra waits until she is turned out and the sun is shining before she pops out a very leggy filly.  Yes, it is another bay with a blanket!!  She has a spotted blanket this time and no other white except a half white foot behind.  She is up and suckling before we had even spotted that Elektra had foaled, a very easy arrival and most welcome! 

She is very tall, her quarters are up to my waist even at birth before straightening properly and I am 5'9".  We would expect this girl to make 17hh.  She is out of 17hh Centaur Elektra (Centaur Jolly Jack) and by Dance With Wolves - a fabulous competition prospect and will be registered Main Book Appaloosa Grade D.  She will be for sale at weaning - .SOLD


12th May - Our penultimate foal arrives, another filly and what a stunner she is!  Angel is a Premium mare herself and never fails to produce the goods. This filly is by Foxcourt Andante. Jet black with long, long legs and a spattering of dust over her quarters.  She has the look of a real star about her even at a few hours old and we are really happy with her. 

She will be for sale at weaning - deposit secures.



26th April - Lambada's turn and she foals in the early hours.  Contrary to the 'nail test' which predicted a colt, she gives us a lovely bay filly with a lacy blanket.  (That's 3 bays with varying blankets so far!!)  Lambada was huge prior to foaling and so it is no surprise that this is a big filly.  See her picture on our Foals 2012 page.....  
14th April - The three remaining in-foal mares are looking rather large...... in order of due dates, Lambada, Angel and Elektra.


10th April - Rozie foals, just waiting for dusk and starts at the very reasonable time of 8.30pm.  All over very quickly with the usual Rozie style she gives us a very pretty smart bay colt with a spotted blanket, 3 whites and a star.


9th April - still waiting for Rozie to oblige us with a foal!  She is well bagged up but apart from that not showing any imminent signs.  However, over the years, we have learnt that Rozie can be very secretive about when she will actually foal.  One year she was happily munching in the field one afternoon when I set off for a short hack and had a foal skipping by her side by the time I got back just 40 minutes later!!  Rozie is 19 this year, she came to us as a 4 year old straight from racing and this will be her 13th foal!  She is a lovely mare and the dam of Tresaison Hawksbay (see below).  She also graded into the Main Studbook of the WBS in 2008.

7th April - Tessa and Hawk represented their Riding Club in both Dressage and Showjumping at the RC Championships at Hartpury.
5th April - A new mare is collected to join our herd of Broodmares. Tresaison Hannah (Harley ex Joli Paprika, 2005) has come home on loan from her owner Mrs Philipa Verry.  Hannah has been leading an active life since leaving here as a weanling; she was KNN graded in 2008, has done some dressage, been hunting and jumping and, latterly, was in a competition yard set on what was promising to be a successful career in Eventing.  Unfortunately, injury cut short these plans and she has now come back to us as a brood mare. 


11th March - Dot (Centaur Reindance) fooled us completely and foals 10 days before her due date at 330 days. Dot has never been early in her life before but she is a professional and foals quickly and easily and produces a beautiful bay snowcap filly with a tiny white star.  This filly was sold in utero and will be off to her new owner at weaning.

She should be a fabulous performance prospect with her lines. Dot is already the dam of a 1st Premium son who is heading for BYEH classes this year.


27th February - Delfi (Xharmaine Middlesom) has gone to be backed.  She will be offered for sale as soon as she is working nicely.  She is a lovely 16.2hh bay KNN main register mare, 4 years old by Xhamperlaine Middlesom.  Fully eligible for KNN grading and a valuable asset as a riding horse or a brood mare, contact us for more details!

24th February - very sadly we had to make the horrible decision to have Severn Magic put to sleep.  She has been a big part of our family for many years. She started with us as a Point to Pointer and gave us some great days out watching her as well as some interesting times training her!  She was a real sweetheart and a lovely mare to look after although during the summer on her 'holiday' she could be a real madam to catch unless you managed to trick her into thinking she wasn't wanted!!  Following her racing she hunted for a season and then we put her in foal to Grape Tree Road and we still have her 4 yr old daughter.  She also leaves two foals by our Harley, the 2nd, a filly is here for sale.  Magic was a tough, talented, athletic and sweet mare and will be sadly missed.  

13th January - Not a good Friday the 13th for us.  Very sadly, Yellow aborts her foal, a few spot colt, 3 months early and it is born dead obviously.  She has been checked by the vet and, as there appears to be no reason why it should happen again, she will be covered again for a 2013 foal.

11th January - We have a new Gallery page!  Take a look!  We will be adding photos that are sent to us of horses that we have bred as they grow up as well as offspring of our stallions and mares.  Keep checking for additions and do send any photos that you have of our babies!!

We will be doing a catch up over the next couple of weeks and uploading news and information recently sent to us.  If you have any updates that you want to share please email us.

January - We are very happy to announce that Knabstrupper stallion Tresaison Ricochet will stand at stud here for 2012, his first season at stud.  He will stand alongside our own Nobody's Harlequin and will be available AI only, either fresh here at the stud or through chilled shipped semen (UK only).  We plan to use him on some of our own mares as well as offering him to a limited number of mares at a special early booking rate.  See Stallions at Stud page for more details.

2011 News

11th November - The rest of the foals have been weaned over the last week or so.  Only one left for sale now - Hey Mambo! who is a real little mover!  Not looking at her best now of course as she has her winter woollies but a lovely girl underneath it all.

The mares have all come home to their winter quarters now and are safely tucked up in their barns with their haylage away from all the recent rain. Our ground is not suitable for wintering out 24/7 through the winter so we keep nearly everything in during the wet months which seems to please most of them!

Los Lobos went off to his new home with Jane and Simon at the end of October to be eventually produced for Dressage and Eventing.  He loaded very easily into the lorry and had an uneventful trip home where he now rules the roost apparently!!

16th October - It's that time of year again and weaning this years babies has started.  Dare, Jinx and Mia are all weaned.  They settle really well - it's always good to have friends!  Dare (to be called Milo in his new home) and Mia are both off on Sunday 23rd.     We have also sold Hari (Kiwi Harapa) and she will be off to her new home very soon as well.  

15th October - Unfortunately Tilde shows in season so that means that she did not hold in foal on her last insemination.  It's too late to try again now this year so we'll try again next year with her.

September - We start Autumn hunting in earnest now and are very fortunate to be able to get out twice a week. The horses are getting fit and seem to be enjoying themselves as much as we are!  Some of the sights have been spectacular - it is lovely to be out and about on these lovely Autumn mornings.


2nd September - Didi comes home from Triley Fields Equestrian Centre where she has been for re-backing.  The team there have done a lovely job and we are looking forward to getting her out and about in due course.  She will be taken slowly as she is a big girl, standing at around 17.1hh, so we don't want to rush her.   

1st September - The UK KNN Grading at Usk College, Monmouthshire.  A lovely venue with friendly staff, a long day with a lot of entries considering our fairly rare breed in the UK.  We had 5 stallions forward - two 2 year olds; a 4 year old and two 5 year olds for life grading and performance test as well as mares and youngstock.  A good day with some lovely quality horses.  We were especially proud of our LOS LOBOS who was awarded the highest mark of the day with an overall 9 and a 1st Premium award.  The Judges commented that he was a fabulous stallion prospect and particularly liked his movement and type.  Los Lobos is now sold.

We were also very proud of 2 year old TRESAISON RICOCHET who passed his stallion grading and was given his one year license.  Not only can he really move he also showed what a scopey jump he has!   Yearling TRESAISON HAWAII behaved impeccably and looked fantastic for a yearling, it was lovely to see her looking so well.  It was the first time we had seen Dana's 2011 Harley foal, RUBY ROCKET, and how like her full siblings she is, both in type and personality!  

Tresaison Ricochet (2009 - Lupina x Rubin Star N) Ruby Rocket (2011 - Skovlys Dana x Harley) Tresaison Hawaii (2010 - Lambada x Harley)

30th July - Tribal Dance is sold and goes off to his new home all the way up to Cumbria.  He travels very well and soon settles in with his new field mates.  We look forward to lots of photos and news.

21st July - Tresaison Hawaii was presented to the BEF Futurity and received an 8.5 from the vet.

She behaved impeccably and was a credit to her owner Trish Stokoe.  

Doesn't she look all grown up and sensible even though she is only 14 months old!

We look forward to seeing her at the UK KNN Grading at Usk, Monmouthshire on September 1st!

July - We have recently been sent photographs of various horses either bred here or offspring of our stallions.......

This is Tresaison Ricochet - leopard spotted colt out of our Lupina Vom Kreidefals and by Rubin Star N.

He was awarded a Premium Grade as a yearling by KNN assessors and will be presented for KNN stallion grading in due course. 

Rico is owned by Dave and Kim Weldon of Tamarton Stud. 


This is 'Oscar'.

He is a stunning 2 year old gelding bred and owned by Suzannah Fry.

Oscar is by Nobody's Harlequin and out of Scallywag, a lovely Thoroughbred mare by Meadowbrook.  We have a picture of him as a new born in our 2009 News lower down this page.

Suzannah has lightly shown Oscar with great success and plans to compete him when he is older.


A lovely picture of Tresaison Hot Spice aka 'Spider' - all grown up and learning fast.

Spider is a 3 year old filly by Nobody's Harlequin out of Thoroughbred mare Joli Paprika ex. Joli Wasfi.  She was a lovely big, bold foal with an easy nature and it looks as if this has continued.  She has taken it all in her stride.


Our former brood mare Hanoverian, Calista (Contendro I) now doing what she was bred for!   She looks as if she has taken to it really well and won a British Novice at one of her early competitions.


Fiona sent us this photo of Tresaison Heart Throb (or Hartley as he is known to his friends) shortly after arriving at his new home.  He certainly looks settled and happy as we knew he would.  Nothing much fazes Hartley!!

He is so typical of the Harley / Dana cross - all their offspring are very bold and confident with bags of character!

14th July - Elektra scans with just one foetus with a heartbeat so all is looking good.   A visiting mare also scans in foal to Harley.  She is a purebred Friesian mare so we look forward to news of her foal next year, a first Friesian cross for Harley and possibly the first pure Knabstrupper x Friesian in the UK?

12th July - Huge Congratulations to Tessa Halsall once again with Tresaison Hallmark!  He was evaluated at Writtle College BEF Futurity against lots of 'top names' and came away with a First Premium and Reserve Highest score for dressage!!  See his photographs here!

5th July - More of our mares scanned in foal today - Angel is due to Foxcourt Andante and Elektra scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves but she has twins so one was pinched and we'll scan her again next week to see if she has held the other one. See our Foals Due 2012 page for details and dates.  

4th July - we are happy to introduce a new Broodmare to our herd.  Eye Catcher is a 17hh Oldenburg mare who is an Intermediate Eventer with 25 BE points and has evented successfully at 1* level before injury unfortunately cut short her promising career.  She is a lovely mare who is not only beautiful to look at but has a temperament to match.  We aim to put her to Harley either this year or early next year for a super Sports type Knabstrupper foal.    


20th June - An updated picture of Tresaison Dare to Dance - he is a strapping lad with a lovely nature.  He also has the most fantastic paces, we really love this cross and this colt is no exception.  A real stunner, sure to turn heads where ever he goes. 

He is, of course, for sale to the right home!

9th June - The lovely Temptress goes off to her new home in North Yorkshire and travels well on the long journey.  We look forward to hearing about her progress.

8th June - Our former mare, Elektra, comes back to us on loan as a broodmare.  She will go back to Dance With Wolves for a repeat of her previous foals, both very nice Sports Appaloosas.  Elektra is performance bred by International 3 Day Event Appaloosa Stallion Centaur Jolly Jack.  See her details on our Broodmares page.

Update:  Elektra has been scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves for 2012 - one of only 2 foals to be born by him in 2012 as he is no longer at Public stud.  This foal will be a fabulous sports prospect as will the other that is due, out of Elektras' full sister!  Both will be grade D Appaloosas registered Main Book BApS and eligible ApHC too.  

6th June - Lambada is re-scanned and is found to be still in foal and with just a single foetus, she is due 21st April 2012. Magic is also scanned in foal and also due 21st April.  Both these two are in foal to Harley.

1st June - Tresaison Hawks Bay (Harley x Rozel Bay, 2006) win the ridden 5yr old Sports Horse winner and overall Ridden Sports Horse Champion at Suffolk County Show against tough competition.   Tessa did extremely well as the following day Tresaison Hallmark also took his class, Foreign Breeds Youngstock and then also went on to be Champion!  Well done to Tessa and both the boys - fantastic result!  Harley is so proud!!  They now have matching Champion rugs to wear!

1st June - Yellow is scanned in foal to Harley, due 14th April 2012.  Lambada is also scanned in foal but possibly with twins so she is due to be scanned again next week to check again and decide further action.

28th May - We deliver Heart Throb to his new home and he loads and travels as if he's done it all his life.  He settles into his new stable straight away.  We look forward to reports of his progress! In his new stable!

27th May - Our new brood mare, Knabstrupper Xharmaine Middelsom (Delfi), arrives.  Delfi is a tall girl just 3 yrs old and is a solid bay by Xhamberlain Middelsom. She was imported from Denmark as a yearling by her owner Heidi Wealleans and is on breeding loan to us.  It is planned to get her graded in Autumn 2011.  We think she will suit Harley very well and look forward to her first Knabstrupper foal by him in 2012. 

23rd May - Centaur Reindance is scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves for a pure Appaloosa foal and Rozel Bay is scanned in foal to Harley for a repeat of the super foals she has had before.  Foals due 2012 page to be added soon!

23rd May - Some pictures of the yearlings taken today........ unfortunately they were not in running around mode!

Temptress and 

Tribal Dance


Heart Throb and

Tribe (left) and all 3 spotty bottys (right)

21st May - Lupi foals early am.  We were expecting an early one from Lupi so it was expected this time unlike her previous foals!  She doesn't disappoint with our last foal of the year and she gives us a gorgeous black nr leopard filly with a perfect star.  She is beautiful and refined and every bit as nice as last years filly, Temptress.  This match of Lupi and Dancer seems to work so well we will probably put Lupi back to him again.  


15th May - Hari (Kiwi Harapa) our Mayhill event mare, foals a replica of Yellows colt!  Chestnut with white blanket and blaze with 3 stockings.  A tall lad and another who is quick to his feet.  We have to say though, not at all the markings we had envisaged from Hari as she is very dark bay with only a small star, no other white.

11th May - Last years visitor, Suzie an Irish Sport Horse, foals a gorgeous leopard filly by Harley.  Her owner is delighted with her except for the fact that Suzie went exactly 12 months from her covering date before foaling and gave her many sleepless nights!!

5th May - Magic finally foals and produces a beautiful bay filly with lacey blanket over her quarters.  She is very quick to her feet and knows exactly what to do!  Magic is a super mum and we are able to leave them to it fairly soon.   She couldn't wait to get out the next day and what lovely paces she is proving to have.

4th May - Angel is AI'd using Foxcourt Andante.  A lovely stallion graded SHBGB by Abraham (Old) out of a good TB line.  He has a very good record of producing top quality offspring and we are considering using him on Lupina as well.

27th April - We decide to take the plunge and Heart Throb goes in to the Vet hospital to be gelded.  He is recovering well and will be offered for sale as a gelding to a competition home as soon as he has fully recovered.

24th April - Angel surprises us again and foals without any warning.  She produces a gorgeous chestnut colt with an extended blanket, 3 white socks and a star.  The sire of this foal is the completely stunning Holstein dual purpose stallion Landtanzer, standing at Meadow Stud.  Landtanzer oozes presence as well as masculinity and has been described by many clients, trainers, spectators and fellow competitors as the 'ultimate' stallion type.

21st April - Still no sign of Magic foaling (she was 340 days on the 15th) and Angel has overtaken her by a long way in the bagging up department!!

20th April - Tribe makes a visit to the Vets and comes home minus a couple of things!  He is now offered for sale as a gelding!

20th April - Gemma sent these pictures of Dana and her filly Darcey. The 1st at 4 days old and the second at 6 days.  She looks to be a tall girl like all Dana's babies!

11th April - Dana also foals late afternoon for her new owner, Gemma.  Congratulations and welcome to a bay near leopard filly, full sister to our Heart Throb.

11th April - Tilde foals a handsome bay leopard colt a few hours after her due date without her normal warning signs.  He was up and suckling very quickly and looks to be another stunning foal with this cross.  He is for sale.

10th April - We welcome another broodmare to our herd.  Centaurs Reindance is the dam of Sheer Bliss who we had on loan for a year and full sister to Elektra and who we sold on in 2009.  She is a beautifully bred Grade C few spot Appaloosa mare and will run with Dance With Wolves to see if we can produce another fabulous Appaloosa offspring.  'Dot' has already had two foals by Dancer both of which are excellent examples of sport type Appaloosa and stand well over 16.2hh.

Yellow Gram x Harley - colt foal born 3rd April - for sale.

3rd April - After two nights of teasing, Yellow foals at 339 days at 5am quickly and easily.  A super chestnut snow cap colt who is very tall for the normal Yellow / Harley offspring. 

14th March - We took some updated photos of Tribe and Halia when they came in to see the farrier - please excuse the grubbiness - they are in their winter clothes!
Tribal Dance - a big boy now at almost 15.2hh at 12 months old.  He is a good moving and well put together colt who will mature to 17hh and be a real head turner.  A useful type who should turn his hoof to anything.  He is for sale!

13th March - Yellow comes into a foaling box in preparation for her impending foaling.  She is due 4th April but she has be known (on several occasions!) to be 2-3 weeks early and is bagging up well so we want to be prepared. We will update as she progresses!

10th March - Gemma has sent us these photos of Dana looking very much like a 'lady in waiting'!  She usually has a big foal and it looks as if this year is no exception.  Dana is due early April and we look forward to getting pictures of her newest baby which will actually be her 6th foal!


1st March - Trish has sent us these lovely pictures of Hawaii - well grown and enjoying her new friends.  Trish says she is a joy and has taken to walking around the farm very happily.

28th February - Helsinki goes off to his new home. He loads onto the lorry easily (following some nuts as he loves his food like all Harleys foals!!). He is off to do dressage and jumping which we know he will excel at!  Congratulations Sue - you have a bargain there!

19th February - Tessa sent us this great picture of Hawks Bay playing Horse Ball which they both greatly enjoy.  Tessa says that she has not found anything that Hawk cannot do yet - he is a real 'all rounder' in every aspect!

The other spotty in the team is an imported Knabstrupper!


15th January - We came across this picture of 3 of Harleys yearlings taken last summer and just had to share it.  These youngsters belong to Lee and Louisa Morgan and are all for sale to the right homes.  Anyone who has an interest please contact us and we will put you in touch.

Wishing all our Friends and Customers a Very Happy New Year!!!

2010 News 

We have been a bit lapse in updating the news - sorry!  New items below;

31st December - Hallmark is collected by Tessa and goes off to his new home in Suffolk where he will join Tresaison Hawks Bay his 1/2 brother.  Tessa is looking forward to getting him out in hand this summer in some Sports Horse classes so we will follow his progress with interest.

Pics (sorry not that clear) show him at his new home and with Hawk

20th December - Didi comes home having been backed and hacked around the lanes.  She will now have a few months off to mature a bit more and then we will continue her education over the summer.  Handi has stayed at the schooling yard to continue her training as she is a year older and much more mature and ready to go on.

21st November - Hawaii leaves us and another to load so easily - these Harley foals are just so confident!!  She has not gone too far so we hope to see her out and about in the future.  Good luck with her Trish!! 

15th November - Didi and Handi have both gone away to be professionally backed.  Didi is 31/2 yrs now and, at 17hh now, is a tall girl already.  She is so sweet and nice natured that she takes it all in her stride.   Handi is our home bred 4 yr old very smart TB filly who will hopefully go on to compete in Riding Horse/ Hack classes.  She would also make a great ladies or teenagers eventer and will be offered for sale once going nicely as, unfortunately she has not grown tall enough for us at 16hh (we do like to ride tall horses!) Watch out for her on or For Sale pages in time to come! 

14 November - Raz (Tresaison Numero Uno) has become a Dad in Australia!  Congratulations Helen and Jan at Janellen Stud on some lovely foals to some fantastic mares.   Pictures below:

10th November - This years' remaining foals are now weaned and into their winter barn.  They are all handled, wormed regularly, have had feet trimmed and are happily eating hard feed.  They are all for sale to the right homes at realistic prices!  See our Horses for Sale page.

7th November - All mares come back home to their winter indoor quarters and very pleased they are too!  

November - The hunting season is on us again and once more we are lucky to have Bev and Sarah Canning of Clytha Photography with us to capture some of the sights!

Lizzie (Liscannor Diamond)

Blossom (Royal Highlight) & Lizzie


1st November - Calista is sold to be produced as a show jumper.  She will be backed and then go to a professional rider to be started before being aimed at the under 18's and under 21's with her new rider.  We wish her every success and look forward to hearing her progress.  She is a lovely mare and we are so pleased that her potential will be realised.

29th October - Howzat leaves for his new home and loads on to the lorry for his long journey to Kent as if he had been doing it all his life.  He has grown into such a chilled boy and the white hairs are beginning to come through already.  We look forward to updated pictures as he matures and changes colour.

20th October - Howzat and Hawaii both weaned.  They are both sold and will go off the their new homes in the next few weeks once they are happily weaned.

3rd October - Gemma sent pictures of Dana being backed today.  She has taken it all in her stride and seems to be really enjoying the attention and work as we thought that she would.  We really look forward to seeing her out and about in ridden classes and events in time to come.

2nd October - Lisa sent some pictures of Disney (T. Wolf Blass) in his new home where he is proving to be a real jumper, clearing the electric fencing with feet to spare to satisfy his craving for alternative grazing!


26th September - Two more babies weaned.  Helsinki is turning into a very good looking young man and his paces are 'to die for' (a cliche, I know but he really has the most elevated, expressive movement - a dressage star for sure!).   Halia is also weaned - she is such an independent young lady that she doesn't worry at all and has taken it all in her confident stride.

20th September - Calista is graded into the Main Book of the Warmblood Breeders Studbook with a very respectable score of 7.25.  The Judges comments were 'very nice type of mare' 'super eventing type'.

She will now be offered for sale as she is such a lovely mare that it seems a waste to just keep her as a brood mare at this stage in her life and we are not in a position to be able to bring her on as she deserves.  Please see 'Horses for Sale' page for details.

15th September - Sahiba foals a gorgeous black blanket spotted filly but unfortunately she appeared to be a 'dummy foal' and, despite several hours of nursing, vets intervention and feeding by bottle, she died.  When Sahiba has recovered we hope to get her back in work for a while before putting her in foal again in 2011.

11th September - Disney goes off to his home in Yorkshire with Lisa.  He is turning into a strapping lad and has been such an easy horse to deal with in the last few weeks at home.  He has been gelded and will be shown in hand before becoming Lisa's riding horse.

3rd September - Another foal weaned today and it is Tribal Dances' turn.  He is a huge strapping foal standing 14.1hh at his withers and taller behind at only 6 months old. A handsome boy, he will make a fabulous ridden prospect and is still for sale at the moment although I am sure that whoever comes to see him will snap him up!!

29th August - A busy day for us as two of our horses go off to their new homes.  Red first who loaded like a dream and travelled all the way up to Yorkshire without a murmur.  He walked in to his new stable and ate his hay straight away acting as if he had been there all his short life.  Dana then was collected and went off to Staffordshire.  She has always been no trouble to load or do anything with and she goes off to be a riding horse.  Gemma reported that the first thing she did at her new home was get her head down to the grass.  I am beginning to think there is a theme here!!

21st & 23rd August - KNN Knabstrupper Gradings
Congratulations to all who took part.  Without exception the horses all looked well, behaved beautifully and were well received by the Danish Judges.  Our special congratulations go to Kim and David Weldon with TRESAISON RICOCHET who was given a Premium Award and earned some very favourable comments from the Judges.  We think that he looks fantastic especially given that he is just a yearling.

17th August - Heart-throb and Red are weaned in preparation for Red and Dana going off to their new homes.

9th August - Helen sent us this updated picture of Hollywood taken recently.  She has grown so much in the few months since we delivered a fluffy foal in January!

Helen says she is leading happily all around the farm, is really quick to learn and is a joy to have around - she always was a 'people' horse!

5th August - Lupinas filly has come back on the market due to her prospective purchasers change in circumstances - see Horses for Sale.  They are having Simply Red instead so he will go on to do dressage, showing and side saddle with his new owners - what a perfect home for him!

30th July - Harley had a quick photo session and these are just a couple.  He hasn't been ridden for about 6 months so really enjoyed the work!  Hopefully we will find time to do a bit more with him now the stud season is almost over.
28th July - The last pup for sale (and my favourite!) Digger, at 11 weeks.  He may well stay yet if I can persuade everyone else!!!

5th Aug - Update - Digger has gone to a lovely home in Devon where he will be able to run on Exmoor.


23rd July - Lupina scans in foal to Dance With Wolves so now all our planned coverings are confirmed in foal for 2011.  We have left some mares empty, Lambada will come back into work for a while, Dana is sold and Calista will be offered for sale as she has too much potential as a jumping horse to be just left as a brood mare at this stage.  


7th July - Helen and Jan from Perth, Australia have sent us a few pictures of TRESAISON NUMERO UNO under saddle.  We think he is looking fabulous and so mature for a 3 yr old.  He has 5 foals due later this year so we are looking forward to seeing them on the ground.


3rd July - Kim sent us this photograph of Tresaison Ricochet (Rubin Star N x Lupina) who is just a yearling.  They have great hopes for him later on as a potential competition horse and stud.

2nd July - Two more mares scanned in foal to Harley.  A visiting mare and Kiwi Harapa, our Mayhill Intermediate event mare who was graded into the main stud book of BWB (British Warmblood Breeders), so we are looking forward to that one next year.  

30th June - Our last litter of lurcher pups from Lottie are now ready to go.  They are gorgeous 3/4 Deerhound x 1/4 Greyhound rough coated brindle pups, just one dog and two bitches still available.  These make fantastic loyal companions and have been highly sought after - come highly recommended by owners of previous litters!!

18th June - Rozie and a visiting mare are scanned in foal to Harley - due May 2011.  Still 100% in foal 1st time coverings with Harley! 

12th June - KSGB are now taking entries for the 6th UK KNN Grading.  This year there are two venues, Moulton and Duchy Colleges.  Spectators as well as entrants are most welcome!  See full details here.

10th June - Angel is scanned in foal to Meadow Studs Landtanzer, who was chosen for his type, dual purpose performance and pedigree and his progeny results.  We look forward to this exciting combination next year.

7th June - Magic scans in foal to Harley - due April 2011.  We have a 100% success rate so far, including visiting mares, on first cycle coverings to Harley!  Let's hope it lasts!

2nd June - Our penultimate foal arrives, another filly and boy, what a stunner!  Not the one we were expecting as Lupi overtakes Sahiba and foals early - a super black leopard filly by Dance With Wolves.  

This super filly is reserved already - deposit taken. 

26th May - Yellow and Tilde scan in foal to Harley and Dancer respectively.  See our Foals due 2011 for details later.

17th May - not wanting to be left too far behind, Lambada foals a stunning bay leopard filly, yes, another filly at last!  This girl is super, a replica of Honolulu, last years filly so we are really pleased with her. 

Here she is at just a few hours old....................

More photos on our Foals 2010 page.

15th May - Rozie picks a sunny afternoon for foaling and has a pretty chestnut colt, yes, another colt, out in the field.  This one is a very pretty boy with a white blaze, two hind socks and a blanket over his quarters.  He is a bit wobbly at the moment but despite his long spagetti legs he was quick to his feet and following Rozie around in no time.   

7th May - Lottie, our lovely lurcher has a litter of pups.  6 girls and 3 boys.  All brindle beauties, they are 3/4 Deerhound and 1/4 Greyhound and will be for sale to good homes.  Pictures soon - contact us for details if interested!

1st May - Magic finally foals a smart bay colt with characteristics - another easy birth and quick to his feet.  It really is a colt year so far for us!  Our one filly will be feeling quite the odd one out if the other mares don't have fillies to join her!!

He is a smart little chap and should make a good competition horse. Magic is a really tough TB who has so much stamina.  She has won Open Point to Points as well as being well placed in Hunter Chases.  He has elevated paces and is well put together.  

His colour will develop as he ages as he shows all the spotted characteristics.  He is For Sale - see our Sales Page.


25th April - Calista (Contendro/Escudo I) our Hanovarian mare, foals on her due date a very nice bay filly (at last, a filly!).  She is a very tall filly for a first foal and up and suckling within about 40 minutes.  

She is a bay with 3 white socks and a star and white freckling over her hips.   Very bold and curious, she is happy to be petted by everyone and first time Mum, Cally is taking it all in her stride.


17th April - We take a trip down to Exmoor Eventing to collect our new purchase... Port Royal, an ID x TB 6 yr old mare.  Not for breeding this time, Mary is as an additional hunter for Dave and I to share and as a replacement for Blossom in years to come as she, unfortunately, is not getting any younger.  Pictures on Our Horses page.

29th March - Yellow Gram foals on her due date - which actually, for Yellow is very late!   She has a quick and easy birth watched by my 7 yr old daughter and gives us a strapping bay based few spot colt.  Yellow seems to follow a pattern with her Harley foals, her fillies are all leopard and her colts are all few spot!

27th March - DaVinci has been sold and goes off to his new home in Gloucestershire.  He is a lovely horse and we will miss him.  He will be available to a limited number of mares in 2010.  Please contact us in the first instance.

18th March - After a lot of thinking we have come to the sad decision to sell our young stallion DaVinci.  He has come home from being backed and is going beautifully but we are so busy that we don't really have the time to bring him on at the moment and do not want to see him go to waste.  He will be offered for sale to hopefully stand at stud as he is the only entire son of the fabulous Bibi Sahiba.  

14th March - After a long day Team Chasing and just as I was ready for bed Dana decides that it is about time she foals, having waited almost two weeks past her due date!   Luckily it is yet another quick and easy birth and she delivers another gorgeous colt with the longest legs!  He is similarly marked to Tildes foal but this boy is by Harley and his first for 2010.  He will have KNN papers and be eligible for grading and, unfortunately, is for sale.
7th March - Tilde foals very quickly and easily.  A gorgeous bay near leopard colt with the most amazing half white ears!  A big boy, he was very quick to his feet and straight to the milk bar.

He is by Dance With Wolves, one of only two foals we have due by him this year.   He looks as if he will be another big boy for Tilde and he is full bother to Snow Wolf, now standing at Pictus Stud in Cheshire.

He is for sale and will be available at weaning, deposit secures.

2nd March - 6am - Angel foals with no signs of impending birth as usual!  Very tall, very beautiful chestnut colt by SHOWMAKER with characteristics (white sclera and stripy feet)  - no spots yet but he will sport a spotted coat in time.  A fabulous dressage prospect - we can't wait to see him out!!  Red is for sale to a competition home.   Pictures on Foals 2010 page.

28th February - Tessa Halsall sent us this lovely picture of Tresaison Hawksbay (Harley ex. Rozel Bay 2006) taken earlier this year at his first ever ridden show where he was well placed in both classes with 65% and 71%. The picture was taken by Neil Fortesque - thanks for letting us use it!

Tessa is planning to campaign Hawk in both dressage and jumping competitions this year as a 4 yr old - 


19th February - We pay a visit to see how DaVinci is getting on and find him very settled and taking everything in his stride - here are a couple of photos taken today.


9th February - Our brood mares are getting bigger by the day it seems!  No sign yet of Angel starting to bag up even though she is due in just under 3 weeks!  Some of the others are showing signs though so it will be anyone's guess at this stage who foals first.

4th February - DaVinci has gone away to be backed.  He settled in very quickly and has impressed everyone with his easy laid back attitude.   

17th January - Another baby leaves us for a new life.....Hollywood doesn't turn a hair on her first journey alone to Warwickshire and immediately settles in her new stable.  She has the typical easy and confident nature of the Knabstrupper and is very like her sire in that respect!  Helen has promised to keep us updated with her progress so watch this space!

1st January - Happy New Year to all friends and customers!!

2009 News

27th November - Diore leaves us to go to her new home as well as Bliss and Maisie (Maybrit) returning to their owner to start/resume ridden careers.  Maisie unfortunately came back into season having been originally scanned in foal, too late to try again so she will now go hunting for the rest of the winter once she gets fit again.  Thanks Steve for the loan of these two lovely mares, we have two fantastic colts to show for it!

November - A busy month for us!  We have now got all our mares and youngsters home from their summer grazing and they are safely in their dry barns under cover.   Some of them are looking decidedly plump as their foaling dates draw nearer - only 3 months until our first is due!  

30th October - Another baby leaves for his new home.  Ricochet (Rubin Star N x Lupina) goes off down country.  He loads like a dream and travelled really well without turning a hair.  He will be presented for his KNN stallion grading in time to come.  We look forward to watching his progress.

18th October - Rolex and Lulu both go off to their new home.  Hopefully they will be out and about on the show circuit next year - look out for them.

19th September - We took Yellow Gram and her 2009 filly by Nobody's Harlequin to the UK KNN Grading held at Rodbaston College.  Holly does us proud by being awarded a PREMIUM grade and also taking the 'Best Filly' title and narrowly missing out on the Best Foal title.   She had some very favourable remarks by both the Danish and British judges and behaved impeccably!  Holly is currently for sale and will make a fabulous performance prospect - see our Horses For Sale page for details.


6th September - We collect our 'new' stallion.  We have bought back our homebred Appaloosa colt TRESAISON DAVINCI and he will stand at stud here in 2010 alongside Nobody's Harlequin.

DaVinci is by Dance With Wolves and out of our lovely mare Champion Bibi Sahiba who we sadly lost in June this year.  He is the only entire son of these two and, as such, we believe he is a valuable breeding prospect.

He passed his stallion licence in 2008 and has one foal on the ground so far - a stunning filly.

We look forward to seeing more of his offspring in years to come as he replaces his sire here at the stud.


August - WOW - look at this picture of our 2006 baby TRESAISON DOMINO EFFECT - hasn't he just grown into a stunning boy!  Standing over 17hh with 24cm of bone, Domino is a fantastic ambassador for the breed.  He turns every head wherever he goes!!   He has been backed and will continue his career under saddle 2009/2010.

Sire: Nobody's Harlequin KNN 166

Dam: Skovlys Dana KNN graded mare (for sale)


6th August - 2 yr old Tresaison Destintobe (Dance With Wolves ex Hellovalass) achieves a 2nd Premium at the BEF Futurity despite sustaining a horrific leg injury as a weanling.  Well done Sarah and Gary!!


July - This is a lovely photo of Tresaison Diva's 2009 colt by Dance With Wolves.  Diva is now owned by the Pictus Stud who also own Tresaison Snow Wolf and stand him at stud.


25th July - We took our other two Thoroughbred mares (Severn Magic and Kiwi Harapa) to the Warmblood Breeders UK Mare Grading at Hartpury where they both graded into the Main Studbook.  The German judge was very complimentary saying they were both "ideal types of mares for Warmblood breeding" and he particularly liked KIWI HARAPA, our Mayhill mare.   She has evented to Intermediate level and has 27 BE pts as well as having had 3 foals, the eldest of which now 9 yrs is Advanced.  We plan to breed with her later on when her riding career is over but for now, we are enjoying her and she is enjoying her hunting and Team Chasing!    Magic is currently in foal to Harley, due April 2010,  and her foals will be eligible for full KNN papers and should be fabulous sport prospects with this breeding combination!

Severn Magic - Main Studbook WBS Kiwi Harapa - Main Studbook WBS

24th July - Another scanning session with 4 out of 4 scanned in foal.  Three of which are ours; Sahiba in foal to Harley, due 3rd June; Lupina due to Dancer due 13th June and Maisie due to Harley due 11th June.  See here for details of all our foals due in 2010. 

July - We have had some photos sent to us over the last few weeks of other foals by our boys.  They all look wonderful and congratulations to all their owners!  Keep the updates and pictures coming in........


Kai - a colt out of Fleur by Dance With Wolves, born 9th July. 6 days in this picture. Congratulations Sue!

Colt out of Scallywag (TB by Meadowbrook) by Harley born 23rd June. Suzannah is really pleased with this big boy and we can see why!

Another colt by Harley - this time out of Mischief, whose 2008 filly by Dancer won a first Premium and was one of the highest scores at her BEF Futurity last year.


15th July - Elektra and her foal Daciana (Dance With Wolves) go to their new home in Devon.  We deliver them to their newly fenced paddock where they settle immediately!  Elektra will be backed when Daci is weaned to start her new career under saddle.  Good luck with them Shaun and family and Charlie - keep us posted!


4th July - We have decided that we really must reduce our mares a little more and have put Lupina up for sale.  See Horses for sale.  She is a lovely mare and her colt by Rubin Star N is simply gorgeous!  I am sure we will regret it the minute she leaves but she is young and has loads of potential as  a ridden mare or broodmare and will be a valuable asset for someone.  Being 100% purebred and a few spot she is a rarity especially in the UK.

26th June - Lambada and Rozie both scan in foal to Harley due in May 2010.

25th June - Another early foal arrives!  Our last for this year, Maisie chooses a nice sunny lunchtime and foals a gorgeous chestnut blanket colt very quickly and easily.  Very quick to his feet he was suckling in no time although Hozana was very keen to join in as she thinks of Maisie as her 2nd mother!

He is pictured here at new born and just one day old.


21st June - Bliss surprises us and foals in the early hours - a solstice baby - a very sweet chestnut colt with lacey blanket over his quarters.  Bliss was a bit concerned to start with, being a first time Mum and needed reassuring to feed him.  However, now she adores him and is a very relaxed and caring mum!

Here he is at 4 and 8 days old........



13th June - With huge sadness we have to report the loss of our fantastic mare, Multi Champion BIBI SAHIBA.  Bibi started foaling on Friday evening and very early on I knew something was wrong.  She had to have an emergency caesarean operation which both she and her enormous colt foal came through.  However the next 24 hours were critical and, despite looking promising to start with, unfortunately we lost them both.  She was a fantastic mare who threw us some wonderful offspring including 3 fillies that we still have, Sahiba, Didi and Diore.  Her son DaVinci stands at stud in Shropshire.   Bibi was a prolific show horse in her younger days and won many Championships, often beating stallions to the big prize. Bibi was always a winner and champion when shown at National and County level and was British Appaloosa National Champion 4 times.  She was a winner not just in hand but as Riding Horse, Hunter and Working Hunter classes and at Hickstead British Nations Cup in 1992 she was Champion in front of Champion Klaus and 7 other stallions!   She was retired from the show ring at 8 years old and she spent the rest of her days as a brood mare, first with her breeder, Mrs Christine Neeson and then later with us.  She was a very sweet mare with a temperament to match her good looks and she will be very much missed.  Her name means 'What a Lady' and how true that was.


Bibi Sahiba - 1985 - 2009


6th June - Hellovalass, who is back here to foal, has a lovely bay filly with a lacy blanket at around 7am.  Congratulations Sue and John!   'Fluff' is going to be covered again by Harley before going home. Pictures below at 1 day old.



5th June - Calista, our young Hanoverian mare by Contendro, is scanned in foal to Nobody's Harlequin, due end April 2010.  We really look forward to this super jump prospect!

4th June - Three outside mares have had Harley foals this week - all colts, two leopard and one blanket. Congratulations to the owners of them all.

Many thanks to Steve for this photo of his colt out of Solo, his TB mare, at only 12 hours old.  What a strapping handsome boy!

1st June - Some of the mares enjoying a run! 


1st June - Poppy comes back to be covered by Harley for 2010.  With her comes her lovely big leopard colt by Harley - Leo.  He is a really leggy and refined colt - a superb type of sports Knabstrupper.  A very confident boy - here he is saying hello to Flint, our Deerhound!

25th May - Severn Magic, our lovely ex Pt to Pt and National Hunt mare is scanned in foal to Nobody's Harlequin, due 17th April 2010.  We hope to get Magic graded this year meaning her foals by Harley will be eligible for main KNN Stud book.  She is a super, athletic and sound, tough mare who is an ideal match for Harley to produce superb sport types so we look forward to this foal, her first by him.

22nd May - Lou and Jake sent us these pictures of Spook - look how grown up he is now!  Spook (Tresaison Snow Wolf, 2007) looks well set to make the 17hh we thought he would.  His dam, Tilde af Elmegard is in foal to Dance With Wolves again for a 2010 full sibling which we are hugely looking forward to! 

13th May - Yellow Gram is scanned in foal to Nobody's Harlequin, due 29th March 2010. Yellow is by Ritterstern, a Danish Warmblood stallion who traces back to the great Romulus on his sire line.  She has some great WB and TB lines in her breeding which matches so well with Harley - they have produced some lovely offspring, this years filly being no exception and who can be seen on our Horses for Sale page.

12th May - Tessa has sent us this lovely picture of Tresaison Hawksbay, 2006 colt by Harley ex. Rozel Bay, our graded TB mare competing at South Suffolk Show where he won the 3yr old Sports Horse class.   Hawk is full brother to Tresaison Hozana (2009) and Tresaison Gracie, overall mare winner of 2007 KNN UK Grading, and it looks as if Hawk is following in his sisters footsteps.

Tessa says he is enjoying his ground work and she plans to back him at the end of the summer when his shows have finished.


11th May - Helen and Jan have sent us some pictures of Raz (Tresaison Numero Uno) now 22 months old playing in his sunburnt paddock in Perth, Australia.  He has certainly changed since the gangly 9 month old colt that left here last April.

6th May - Unfortunately, Tresaison Amaretto has come back up for sale through no fault of her own. She can be seen on our Horses For Sale page but her owner should be contacted direct.  She is a fantastic event prospect having several good event horses in her pedigree.

5th May -  Tilde and Dana confirmed still in foal, Tilde to Dance With Wolves and Dana to Nobody's Harlequin - both due March 2010.

Husqvarna is no longer a colt so that should put paid to any ideas that he was just brewing about the 'ladies'!! Tragically, we lose Sahara due to complications following castration.  A great shock and horrible loss for us.

3rd May - Lupina foals and give us THE most stunning colt by Rubin Star N.  He is simply gorgeous - what a head! We are looking forward to seeing how he develops.

1st May - Rozie foals late evening, a chestnut minimally marked filly with a blaze and tall white fore sock.  We have been waiting for this foal with trepidation as we lost last years colt to a bacterial infection and her 2007 colt was also very ill.   The Vets think that it is possibly something Rozie now carries (although this is her 12th foal and up until the last two all was fine).  We decided that we needed to be ready this time and so the filly (Hozana) has been on a course of antibiotics since she was born as well as scrupulous hygiene methods.  It seems to have worked as she is a bouncing happy girl although not overly keen on me at the moment because of all the needling she has had to endure!

19th April - Diva finally foals for her new owners. A strapping bay near fewspot colt by Dance With Wolves. He looks a smashing chap - they have called him Xtassy and he is already sold to an eventing home.



16/11/08 Showmaker at National Convention


14th April - Angel is scanned in foal to Showmaker, the stunning 17hh Westfalen Bay Stallion 2002 by Showstar.  Fully graded and winner of his 30 day stallion test 2005 in Germany plus graded with the BWBS in UK.

Due 28th Feb 2010


10th April - A super new addition to our band - 'Buddy' comes from Devon.   A 12.2hh gelding for our daughter Holly and what a super star he is proving to be!  Here he is on his first day with us - already much loved!

Thank you, Linda and Alice for letting us have such a brilliant boy - we look forward to many years with him.

9th April - Poppy (ex broodmare of ours) foals very easily with her new owner Melanie and produces a huge bay near leopard colt.  Congratulations Mel!!!  Pictures soon.

1st April - Lambada ends this run of foalings with another filly.   A stunning girl, tall and strong and, for some reason, very hairy!! She must have thought we would be having a cold spell and got prepared!  Another leopard but this time a very dark bay base colour. 

24th March - Yellow foals down at a very respectable 7am without much warning at all (as usual for Yellow!).  Another quick and easy birth, this time a beautiful leopard filly and another who didn't hang around to get to the milk bar!  Let's hope that this is how they all are this year.  See both of these foals on our Foals Due 2009 page.

21st March (just!) - Elektra foals a few days early (better than the 3 weeks early last year!) at 00.30 am very quickly and easily.  She gives us our first foal of 2009 and a lovely bay blanket filly. Up and suckling within a very short time, she is a beauty.

15th March - We are very pleased to announce the arrival of another brood mare to our herd.  Pink papered Hanoverian mare Calista by the fabulous jumping stallion CONTENDRO  and out of an ESCUDO 1 mare has been purchased and will be bred to Harlequin before starting her own career under saddle.   See more details about her on our Broodmare page shortly.

October to February - We have had great fun hunting our wonderful mares, Boot and Royal Highlight (Blossom), this season with the Monmouthshire - some pictures here with great thanks to our fantastic photographers Bev and Sarah Canning.

30th January - we have another litter of Deerhound x Greyhound pups, unexpected and unplanned but adorable all the same!


2008 News

November - More foals are weaned and Roulette and Storm both go off to their new homes (congratulations Rosie and Katrina) and Maisie's boy goes back to his owner, Steve, to hopefully be sold from there.

Hellovalass has gone to Sue and John Gardners where she will be reunited with two of her offspring - I wonder if she will remember them?  They are now 13 and 14 years old!!  We wish Sue the best of luck with Fluff's 2009 Harley foal, due in May.

14th November - Two of our Broodmares left today for new homes.  Joli Paprika (due to foal 31st March to Nobody's Harlequin) has gone off to West Wales, good luck with her Melanie, and Diva (due 3rd April to Dance With Wolves) has gone further North to Cheshire, good luck Louise.   We look forward to the foal pictures in the Spring!

10th October - An up to date picture (left) of one of our pups, Lola, she is the one  we are keeping. The others have all gone to their new homes now and it seems really quiet around here!

Lola is one of the pups who will end up with a rough coat like her mum rather than the real shaggy coat of the Deerhound.

Meg (right) is one of last years pups and is much more like her Dad.



26th September - We took two of our mares, Engel vom Birkenhof and Lupina vom Kreidefel to the UK KNN gradng in Devon as well as Angels foal Roulette.  Angel (Engel) won 'Best Mare' and was awarded a premium with an overall score of 8 as was her colt, Roux.  Lupi wasn't quite sure what canter was all about on the day although showed off what a fantastic trot she has and finished with an overall score of 7.  They were all very well behaved and the whole day was brilliantly run.  PIcs below; L to R;  Lupina; Angel and Roulette; Angel in the trot up.

22nd September - Bad luck (or whatever it is) falls on us again as we lose another horse.  Our 4 yr old TB mare by Kayf Tara suffers a massive brain haemorrhage and we lose her, completely out of the blue.  She was a home bred, the first out of a successful NH mare that we had for many years and had been perfectly healthy up until the point she just dropped dead.   A devastating blow to us yet again. 

Both Amy and Spider (Amaretto & Hot Spice) have been weaned and gone off to their new homes.  Both have settled in very well and we have had good reports from their new owners.

Colette sent us this lovely picture of Spider.


12th September - Bibi Sahiba is scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves - due mid June 2009.  

Our puppies are growing rapidly and are now looking for new homes!  Gorgeous, fluffy boys and girls who are loyal pets and great workers! 

Congratulations to Georgina Bowen and Tresaison Splashback who had a successful day at the BApS National Show in August.

23rd August - We take Rozel Bay (Rozie) to the British Warmblood Breeders mare grading and she gets graded into the Main Studbook.  The German judges were very complimentary about her and she behaved impeccably - not bad for a 15 year old mare who hasn't left our farm since arriving here from the race track over 11 years ago!  She is a lovely mare in every way and doesn't look as if she has had 11 foals either!  Rozie had an overall mark of 7.5 which we are very pleased with.

18th August - Sheer Bliss is scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves and Maybrit is scanned in foal to Nobody's Harlequin. Both are due at the end of June. 

13th August - Sad news...... Our mini mule, Cefyn doesn't recover from colic surgery and we lose him.  He was only little but such a huge character and he will be sadly missed by all of us, especially Harley who he was great friends with.   


30th July - Our Lurcher bitch Lottie (Greyhound X Deerhound) gives birth to a huge litter of pups,15 in total!  Proud daddy Flint (Scottish Deerhound) is watching closely with that look that says 'glad I'm a boy'!!!  This is our second litter from these two and they are fantastic companions.  The picture on the right is one of last years pups sent to us this week by her owner Steve Penny.  

Pictures of them all soon - good homes wanted, they will be for sale!

Lottie and Flint enjoying themselves

22nd July - Angel is inseminated with semen from the fantastic and very promising young Westphalian stallion Showmaker.   Subsequently scanned not in foal so we will call it a day this year and try again early next year.

21st & 22nd July - Our two boarders foal down with their ET twins.  An exquisite chestnut filly with a blaze and white socks and then a very smart bay colt with one sock.  Their owner Vicky is delighted with them and hopes that they will both be as successful as their mother.

12th July - TRESAISON HOLOGRAM (Yellow Gram / Nobody's Harlequin) does us all proud by winning the Spotted yearling, two and three year old class at Liskeard Show in good company with some very favourable remarks from the Judge who told his owners Amelia and Linda James that they 'could look forward to a very exciting future with him'!

Hologram at Liskeard

Well done to all of you!


2nd July - Skovlys Dana brings us our last 'home grown' foal of the season.  A beautiful bay colt with lacey blanket and spotted quarters.  Another big and well put together lad for Dana by Nobody's Harlequin - this seems a really good match!   We have two more foals due here later this month out of visiting mares, both 'surrogate' mares in foal to Jumbo by embryo transfer.  The dam of these foals is good event mare Tudor Romance owned and ridden by Vicky Tuffs and who completed Badminton 4* last year.

30th June - Hellovalass is scanned in foal to Nobody's Harlequin, due 15th May 2009.

29th June - we have added a further two mares to our broodmare band, thanks to Stephen and Barbara Morris.  They are graded Danish Warmblood, Cranswick's Maybrit (May Sherif) who will be covered by Harley and main book Appaloosa Sheer Bliss (Centaur First Class) who will go to Dance With Wolves both hopefully for 2009 foals.  Pictures and full details on our Broodmares page soon.

20th June - TRESAISON DAVINCI (Bibi Sahiba/Dance With Wolves b. 2006) passes his British Appaloosa Society Stallion licensing.  He is now standing at stud at Burnock Stud in Shropshire and is available by AI or natural covering.

14th June - Angel (Engel v. Birkenhof) foals a gorgeous black near leopard colt out in the sunshine at around 10am having kept us wondering all night!  This is our 2nd by the fabulous stallion Rubin Star N.

9th June - Lupina, our young few spot mare is scanned in foal to Rubin Star N, 100 day performance test champion, due 27th April 2009.

June - Tresaison Dark Wolf wins the Appaloosa Youngstock class at East of England show and takes Reserve Champion Appaloosa.  Well done Tessa!

1st June - Hellovalass has a bay based few spot colt at around 10pm.   We are back on to a 'colt run' now! See Foals Due 2008.  He will be offered for sale.

May - Tresaison Hawksbay comes a very creditable 2nd in the well supported Sports Horse class at Herts County Show and maintains his record of never being out of the first two.

22nd May - Tilde foals a completely stunning bay near leopard colt by Rubin Star N.  He is our first conceived by AI here at Tresaison.  See Foals due 2008.

22nd May - Tresaison Numero Uno arrives at his new home in Perth, Western Australia.  He travelled in his usual laid back manner and everyone on the trip commented on his attitude and character (typical Knabstrupper!)  Helen and Jan are, to use their word, 'ecstatic' now that he has finally arrived safe and sound. 

22nd May - Lupina is inseminated with Rubin Star N semen.

19th May - Centaur Elektra scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves; Yellow Gram scanned in foal to Harley; Poppy scanned in foal to Harley and Tresaison Diva scanned in foal to Dance With Wolves.                 

18th May - Tragically, disaster strikes us again and we lose Rozies little boy.  Following a heartbreaking 24 hours of Veterinary treatment we have to call it a day as his pain and distress was too much to bear.  We await lab results for the cause.

15th May - Rozie foals a few days early and unexpectedly (she never gives any warning!) a lovely blanket spotted colt.

8th May - Lambada is scanned in foal to Harley - due end March 2009.

4th May - Double trouble!  Following weeks of waiting Severn Magic finally foals down 1 year and 4 days after her covering date!  She has a healthy bay filly at 0.15am followed within the hour by Sahiba with a lovely dark dun colt.  See pictures on our Foals Due 2008 page.

27th April - Bibi Sahiba foals down a few days early and gives us another filly.  See here for details.

26th April - Raz (Numero Uno) has landed safely in Australia!  He now has a 3 week quarantine period in Melbourne and then sets out on his very long road journey to his new home.  3 weeks in quarantine in Melbourne and then a long road trip to Perth where his new owners will be waiting for him!

Congratulations Jan and Helen - We hope he does well for you and look forward to all your news!

18th April - Sadly Joker (Yellow Gram's colt foal) couldn't win against the infection that raged around his body and, despite all our efforts and his brave fight, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep.  He will be missed.

1st April - Numero Uno (Raz) leaves us to begin his long journey to Australia.



31st March - at a very sociable 9.15pm Poppy finally foals an adorable and huge bay leopard filly.  See Foals due 2008 for details of all these foals.

30th March - our 2nd foal of the year, still not the one we are waiting for - a strapping and very good looking bay based few spot colt is born out of Yellow Gram and by Harley.

15th March - our first foal of the year arrives - Elektra foals early and unexpectedly but her filly is safe and sound and a real cutie!


2007 News

Nobodys Harlequin progeny shine at the KNN Knabstrupper grading held in England


Overall Best in Show and Best Mare was Tresaison Gracie, a mare owned by Karen Wealleans

Photograph © Cliff Astles, Event Photography & Marketing, Cheshire 2007

She is out of our Thoroughbred mare, Rozel Bay, and by Nobodys Harlequin KNN 166


Best Foal was Tresaison Numero Uno a fewspot Knabstrupper colt by Nobodys Harlequin KNN 166 and out of Skovlys Dana KNN 2210:

Photograph © Cliff Astles, Event Photography & Marketing, Cheshire 2007



Nobodys Harlequin fewspot Knabstrupper colt sold to Australia

We are delighted to announce that the fewspot Knabstrupper colt by Nobodys Harlequin KNN 166 and out of Skovlys Dana KNN 2210, that was born on 12th July 2007, has been sold to Australia as a stallion prospect.  It is believed that he is the first Knabstrupper to be imported into Australia, where he will in due time, stand at stud.

Congratulations to his new owners, we wish them every success with him!


2007 KNN Knabstrupper Grading in the UK


There will be two Grading dates for the  2007 KNN Knabstrupper grading;  one in Scotland and one in England.

Gradings will be held at Kingswood EC, Wolverhampton, on 5th October and at Balcormo Stud, Fife on 7th October.

Full information, schedules and entry forms are available on the UK KNN Grading Website:

Closing date for entries is 1st September


Tresaison young stock have been winning in the show ring!


Tresaison Dark Wolf  (Darcy)  

 Went to his first show where he won his class out of 14 and then went on to take Reserve Champion In Hand.

Well done Darcy!


2005 colt  by Dance with Wolves out of Multi Champion Bibi Sahiba (see brood mares).  



Tresaison Hawksbay 


2006 Colt by KNN graded stallion Nobody’s Harlequin  and out of  Rozel Bay also won his class at his first show the previous week! 

Hawk is full brother to Tresaison Gracie, UK KNN Grading Best Mare and Best in Show 2007.

Huge congratulations to the owner of both Darcy and Hawk,

Tessa Green - keep up the good work!



6th April 2007 - Another Fewspot Colt!


Is it going to be a fewspot year???? Yellow Gram foaled a substantial few spot colt during the night of 6th April 2007

By Nobodys Harlequin who passed not only his KNN grading, (achieving a premium score of 8 in both Classic and Sport horse categories) but also his Performance test and his BSJA Assessment in October 2006 with flying colours. His performance score was the highest of ALL KNN stallions in 2006!

Out of Yellow Gram  KNN 1983,  Yellow combines the Knabstrupper blood with Danish Warmblood making her an ideal type of Sport horse mare and a fantastic partner for Harley - as you can see with this superb colt!



3rd April - Fewspot Colt born!

Tresaison Snow Wolf


15 Minutes old in this pic!

A huge chestnut few spot colt born on 3rd April 2007

By Dance With Wolves whose offspring are proving themselves both in the show ring and performance with stock successfully competing in a variety of disciplines,  and out of Tilde af Elmegaarden  KNN 1951,  who graded with an '8' overall at her KNN grading.

Spook is being retained by us as he is the only son of Dancer that we currently have and what a beauty he is!


Three new arrivals!


January 2007 - We have recently imported three Knabstrupper mares to add to our herd.  All three horses, a six year old pure bred mare by Norkrons Harlequin and 2 two year old 100% purebred fillies are all few spot making them homozygous for colour and are a valuable addition to our stud.  They have all settled in very quickly and seem to be enjoying the Welsh climate and their new friends! 




The second UK grading of Knabstruppers by the KNN took place on the 28th October 2006  at Kingswood Equestrian Centre, Wolverhampton

Nobody's Harlequin passed his final grading achieving an 8 (1st PREMIUM AWARD) and performance assessment in fine style, with 840 points for performance out of a possible 1000 - this was the best of ALL Knabstrupper stallions Worldwide!   He was also judged Best Stallion AND Best in Show.


Hellovalass also did very well, being awarded an overall mark of 7 by both the Classic and Sport Horse judges, with an 8 for type and body from the Sport Horse judges.

Photograph © 2006   Colin Nicholas


Full results will be posted shortly on the 2006 Grading Website, with grading photos.

More photographs taken at the grading:




Horse and Hound Report, 16 November 2006:




The UK's first KNN grading of Knabstruppers took place on the 9th October at Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire (in conjunction with the Danish Warmblood grading). 

Results on the KNN Website, with grading photos.

More photographs taken at the grading:





Knabstrupper Success at the Paralympics 2004

In Athens on 22nd September 2004,  Ann Cathrin Lubbe (NOR) captured the gold medal in the Individual Dressage Championship, competing in Grade IV.

The Norwegian rider went one better and improved on her performance in Sydney, where she had won silver in the Individual Championship and the bronze in the Team event.  


Ann Cathrin Lubbe & Zanko KNN 134


Lubbe riding Zanko,  a Knabstrupper stallion by Xanthos (KNN 112) out of Olympia (KNN 1796) was the only participant who passed the 70% mark and by amassing 70.839% went to gold medal position and stayed there until the conclusion of the event.

Two days later on the 24th September the same combination set the crowd alight and with another first class performance earned the gold in the Individual Freestyle test in Grade IV.

On this occasion they were the last to compete and when they came out of the arena, everyone already knew who was the winner of the afternoon session. LUBBE scored 79.318%, the highest marks the judges accorded on Friday.




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