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2006 Foals


These are the Tresaison foals of 2006 - if you are interested in a particular foal of this years breeding, please contact us

For individual horse details please go to the Mare or Stallion Pages.


(Domino Effect and Houdini)


Bibi Sahiba (BApS)     +    Dance With Wolves  =  Tresaison DaVinci


Foaled a stunning bay blanket colt, 15th April 2006.

This colt is sold, congratulations to Gill, Shropshire.

He will stand at stud in due course.


         Rozel Bay         +        Nobody's Harlequin      =       Tresaison Hawksbay

Foaled a bay blanket colt 4th May 2006. 

This colt is sold, congratulations to Tessa Green who is showing him successfully.


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             Skovlys Dana       +       Nobody's Harlequin       =    Tresaison Domino Effect


Foaled a spectacular leopard colt  8th May 2006.

This colt is sold as a stallion prospect.  Congratulations to July Daly, Lillingstone Stud.



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Hellovalass     +            Dance With Wolves      =         Tresaison Deja Vu


Foaled a gorgeous bay colt on 23rd May 2006.

Although solid coloured, he is another stunning foal from this combination.

Sold, congratulations to Yvonne.

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Lambada Lynghoj    +           Nobodys Harlequin      =   Tresaison Houdini

Foaled a stunning blanket spotted colt 25th May 2006.

Congratulations to Steph on the purchase of this fantastic colt.  We hope he proves himself in the dressage arena for you!



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For individual horse details please go to the Mare or Stallion Pages.


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